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Updated: 18.12.2012 15:51
Aktuelle Meldungen im neuen LabourNet Germany

What is LabourNet Germany?

LabourNet is an international co-operation using the Internet as a means to strengthen and build organised labour.

Computer communication was an extremely important part of the process of globalisation. We are convinced that the power of the multinationals can only be confronted by a full utilisation of this technology. The workers' movement was built on the traditions of organisation and solidarity. LabourNet Germany aims to carry these traditions into the computer age.

On our site we try to

  • Report as quickly as possible on workers' disputes,
  • Organise solidarity
  • Disseminate newspapers and leaflets produced in the workplace
  • Stimulate a broad discussion on working conditions, methods of struggle and union strategy
  • Initiate a real network against splits and blackmail

As a top priority we make issues and disputes known that find little or no echo in the media. In the DGB paper for union officials a short time ago we were thus titled: "LabourNet Germany: Union news you wont find in any newspaper." In this respect our work can be understood as solidarity and information work. However, this is not all. Our publications should also animate our readers to become active themselves. Not only solidarity is required. We hope that more comes out of it: exchange of information, co-operation, exchange of views or even the copying of successful activities.

In addition, we publish documents on several questions of the movement: (e.g. the future of work, union strategy and politics, the ver.di union, working conditions). Here it is a matter of discussion and a possible formation of opinions both here and internationally, which is why we constantly endeavour to get translations and explore the international networks daily.

LabourNet is distinguished by its openness. Everyone can contribute. The only requirement that we have is that the information to be disseminated is accurate and true. A discussion on published articles is expressly wished and will soon be supported technically. We not only want to support communication, but also to provoke it!

mag.wompel@labournet.de /ralf.pandorf@labournet.de / helmut.weiss@labournet.de


See also our presentation at LaborTech/Access 2004 pdf-file - April 2 – 4, 2004, Stanford University, Palo Alto, California by Mag Wompel and Ralf Pandorf

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