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Updated: 18.12.2012 16:00
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Solidarität mit Migrantenwiderstand

Am 21. August protestierten etwa 170 thailändische Migranten in ihren Schlafsälen im süden Taiwans gegen ihre Arbeits- und Lebensbedingungen als kontraktierte Kräfte der Hua Pan Manpower Corporation. Da dieser und andere Proteste bisher nichts genutzt haben - das Unternehmen leitet die Wohnlager mit "militärischer Disziplin" und die taiwanesische Migrantionspolitik ohnehin daruf ausgerichtet ist, eine dauerhafte Ansiedlung zu verhindern, ist jetzt eine Internetpetition gestartet worden. In einer kurzen Begründung für die Petition ist auch die entsprechende Internetadresse angegeben. Der Aufruf "Please Sign" von der Taiwan International Workers Association vom 15. September 2005.

Please sign the petition!

This petition externer Link is to support the recently big struggle of migrant workers in Taiwan and we call for the reform of labor migration policy. I know maybe you are not familiar with Taiwan labor migration. Let me introduce a little bit of Taiwan migrant workers situation.

The temporary labor policy

Taiwan government adopted temporary labor migration policy which is based on the ideals that the migrant workers should not be allowed to settle. This temporary labor migration policy has many problems. The high placement fee and inhuman treatment are the most troublesome one. This renders workers more like to take up any exploitation that might be imposed on them just to ensure the continuity employment during the restrict period of stay (maximum 6 years) in Taiwan or the workers are chosen to run away to earn more money.

To make sure their stay and return, the Taiwan government implemented a control system on labor migration such as the unchangeable allotment quota for the employers; restricting workers’ ability to change employers; restricting their residence stay with their work permit; these make migrant workers are employed in an unequal power relationship, which can easily lead to abuses.

The protest

The protest of 170 Thai workers working for Kaohsiung ( the south of Taiwan) Rapid Transit Corporation (KRTC) at their dormitories for 17 hours on Aug. 21 revealed some truths about the unfair and unjust foreign labor management practices at Hua Pan Manpower Corp. It also revealed a possible plot by commercial and political interests to exploit Thai workers. The Thai laborers were protesting the company's, Hua Pan, poor manpower management practices, which infringed on their basic human rights. Hua Pan used military-style discipline and set inhumane rules to control the Thai workers. In restricting workers' rights to exercise their personal and economic freedom, Hua Pan has acted as a vampire in its exploitation of these foreign laborers.

More important is this case is not the only one! We struggle for a better situation of migration in Taiwan!

So, my friends and comrades! I wish you and specially your organization can sigh it to show your support! If it is possible forward this email to your network of friends and acquaintances. Even though Taiwan is not part of the International Labor Organization (ILO). Is important that the world knows what's happening to the migrant workers in Taiwan. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.Sincerely and More power,

Lorna Kung, Taiwan International Workers Association

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