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Updated: 18.12.2012 15:51
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Erklärung zum Weltflüchtlingstag

Am 20. Juni ist "Weltflüchtlingstag". Die EU begeht ihn: indem die militärischen Grenzen und Vorposten gegen die Flüchtenden dieser Welt aufgerüstet werden. In Südafrika haben, nach den fremdenfeindlichen Ausschreitungen der letzten Wochen, zahlreiche Organisationen - unter ihnen der Gewerkschaftsbund COSATU und beispielsweise Vereinigungen der StrassenhändlerInnen - eine Erklärung zu diesem Tag verabschiedet, in der unter anderem die Regierung aufgefordert wird, ihre Flüchtlingspolitik zu ändern: Zum Prinzip "Humanisierung". Das "STATEMENT FOR WORLD REFUGEE DAY BY THE COALITION AGAINST XENOPHOBIA, RACISM, ETHNICISM AND POVERTY" vom 20. Juni 2008.


Cry the beloved country for the acts of xenophobia, racism and ethnicism against our brother and sister Africans.

These have been among the darkest days of our new democracy and nation in the making. They have stained our tradition of non-racialism born out of our struggle for liberation. But together we must find a way forward now based on unity in diversity. Faced with the onslaught of negative forces of globalization, Africans must unite. We need a new kind of people driven Pan-Africanism for our continent.

Our inclusive Coalition against Xenophobia, Racism, Ethnicism and Poverty consists of: The South African Communist Party, Young Communist League, Congress of South African Trade Unions, Movement for Democratic Change - Zimbabwe, United Refugee Actions-International, Unity Movement/Social Movement Indaba, South African National Civic Organisation, Socialist Students Movement, Siyagunda Street Barbers Association, Sisonke Street Traders Association and Satyagraha.

The ordinary people of Africa, including South Africa, must make their voices heard. They must be listened to on day to day problems which beset them. Government, business, landlords, NGOs and religious organizations must be more people friendly.

Our Coalition favours the integration of those of our fellow Africans who want to remain in South Africa. At the same time we recognize that there are many unanswered questions on this issue. We want to be seated at the tables where decisions will be made about it.

Rising food, energy and fuel prices and the xenophobia crisis are clear indicators that we need a real new world order now. A better world is possible! Our Coalition is calling for a new Reconstruction and Development Plan for our country and Africa All the different sectors, including the people in informal settlements, hostels, urban and rural townships and on the farms, should participate in making this plan. It must address the issues of food security, access to quality health care, education and skills development, housing, services and decent work.

The South African government must rethink its migration and foreign policy. Not only should it respect political, economic and social human rights. But it should also adopt a new and humane approach to immigration. Let us unite, mobilize, organize and educate for the crime of xenophobia never to happen again in South Africa!

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