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Polizeiüberfall auf streikende Nestle ArbeiterInnen / Philippine: Nestle strikers brutally attacked

Seit 4 Monaten streikt die Belegschaft des duNestlewerkes im philippinischen Cabuyao. Am 3. Juni 2002 wurden 400 ArbeiterInnen, die Streikposten standen von Polizei und Sicherheitsdiensten überfallen. "Sie wollen uns zermürben und unsere Gewerkschaft vernichten" sagte Ding Fortuna, der Vorsitzende der Betriebsgewerkschaft. Die (englische) Pressemitteilung der Internationalen Abteilung des Gewerkschaftsbundes KMU vom 4. Juni samt einer Mailadresse für Solidaritätspost

Die Mailadresse für Solidaritätsadressen: kmuid@csi.com.ph

Philippine : Nestle strikers brutally attacked

Date: June 4, 2002

"Police Brutality: Reaction to the Legitimate Struggle Of the Nestle Workers"

June 3, 2002-400 striking workers along with their supporters were mercilessly clubbed by the Philippine National Police, guards from Matrix Security Agency and Guardians as they exercise their legitimate rights to express their protest against Nestle. The strikers and supporters were trying to reestablish the barricade infront of Nestle Gate 1 when the PNP headed by Chief Col. Eriberto Paglinawan clubbed them hurting and even wounding 14 strikers, including Vic Batayon, an officer of the Nestle workers' union. He received bruises from the blows of the police on various parts of his body, breaking his right clavicle. Vic Bayaton was detained illegally by the police for more than two hours. The strikers barricaded the road infront of the plant for about two hours demanding for the immediate release of Batayon.

According to Batayon, he was clubbed repeatedly by policemen until he was on his back to the ground. He received a fracture on his right clavicle aside from the bruises and wounds on various parts of his body. 13 others were wounded and badly hurt. The policemen chased even those workers bringing the wounded to the nearby clinic for treatment.

According to Ding Fortuna, President of the Nestle worker's union, the sole reason of their strike is the violation of the capitalists of the Supreme Court ruling issued year 1991 declaring Retirement Benefits as a legitimate matter in Collective Bargaining Agreement. On the latest decision issued by Secretary Paticia Sto. Tomas, she stated that no negotiations between the concerned parties even transpired, the Retirement Plan became a Unilateral Grant and it cleared the capitalists of Unfair Labor Practice cases.

Within the more than four months strike, 200 security guards remain at the 2 plant gates while the Philippine National Police seemingly made the plant their camp. The prolonged stay of these armed forces created fear among residents. They are being used to impose fear and to destroy the unity among workers. Aside from misleading some union members to betray the union. This is a blunt violation to the rights of workers as declared in the constitution and this is a blatant attack to destroy our union, says Ding.

Therefore, the call of the striking workers in Nestle Cabuyao is Onwards with the Fight! Onwards with the Strike!!!

The struggle of the workers in Nestle Cabuyao is a struggle of the working class. It is clear that the capitalist is not merely denying the Retirement Benefits, they also aim to destabilize and destroy the genuine union and the militancy waged by the workers for Reasonable Wage, Security of Employment and Recognition of their Rights.

In this regard we seek your support and solidarity. Any moral or financial support extended to uplift the worker's morale and to help them continue with the fight towards victory will be highly appreciated.

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