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Updated: 18.12.2012 15:51
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Ihre Majestät, der Terrorist

Vier Tote und viele Verletzte gab es am 18. April bei einem terroristischen Polizeieinsatz gegen Streikende in Ostnepal - Terror zur Verteidigung des "göttlichen Rechts" ihrer Majestät gegen die demokratischen Forderungen gewaltloser Protestierender. Neben mehreren Hundert Verhaftungen im ganzen Land ist über die Hauptstadt Kathmandu eine Ausgangssperre verhängt worden, um weitere Demonstrationen zu verhindern - inklusive der ausdrücklichen Anordnung bei Zuwiderhandlungen von der Schusswaffe Gebrauch zu machen. Die (englische) Pressemitteilung "Eighteen hours curfew imposed in Kathmandu, orders to shoot violators on sight" des Gewerkschaftsbundes GEFONT vom 19. April 2006.

Eighteen hours curfew imposed in Kathmandu, orders to shoot violators on sight

April 20, 2006

Once Nepal is in top headline story of international media. It is neither because the country is a heaven for tourism, famous mighty Himalayas nor due to deadly violent conflict initiated by the Maoist rebels. It is simply because unimaginable tyranny & brutal suppression of innocent and unarmed peaceful protestors who were just demanding their birth-right- the democratic right!! And were challenging the so-called divine-rights claimed by the autocratic King. In this course half dozen plus brave daughters & sons of Nepal  sacrificed for the cause, latest was yesterdays crackdown in Chandragadhi, Jhapa (Eastern part of Nepal) where four protesters were shot dead and more than 200 were wounded by security forces indiscriminate fire at pro-democracy fighters.

Citing this reference and a bid to foil a huge mass show planned for Thursday, the authorities imposed a 18 hours long curfew on Capital city- Kathmandu Valley.

"The curfew has been imposed from 2:00 am until 8:00 pm due to security reasons," said Kathmandu's chief administrator Shushil Ghimire. "Anyone found violating curfew orders will be shot on sight."

Today is the decisive day of Nepal's democratic movement and the 15th Day of General Strike.  It is at the peak point of the Popular Movement and now a special envoy of Indian Prime minister has arrived in Kathmandu to find out any room to settle crisis through dialogue between Monarch and the agitating seven party- Alliance. The SPA has dismissed kings call to initiate dialogue terming it as a meaningless step.

The entire nation is actively involved in the movement- the organisations even apolitical ones have not been silent. Today, the Airline Operators have unanimously decided to stop all domestic flights and freight & forward association linked to cargo service has also declared to bringdown their business totally halt in support of the ongoing movement.

As proceeding days, the pro-democracy movement started across the country from early morning. It was really an extraordinary scene to see people coming out to the street to join the peaceful rallies organized in various places despite rain outside. People holding umbrellas and some fully drenched marched ahead demanding immediate restoration of democracy and end of monarchy.

All factories and enterprises in Nepal have been closed down since fifteen days under the call of major trade union centres of the country. GEFONT along with other two national centres plus a professional forum is supporting the general strike forming a wider trade union network. Thus, the employees working at government ministry, courts, government banks and telecommunications, electricity offices and various public enterprises have also joined the general strike by halting all their work challenging the essential service act imposed by the royal regime.

There is a network of professional known as PAPAD is adding fuel in the movement which consist professional organisations of Lawyers, Engineers, School & University teachers, medical doctors and the engineers.

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