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Updated: 18.12.2012 15:51
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Osaka: Kampf im Stadtpark

Die Stadtverwaltung von Osaka will, was viele Stadtverwaltungen wollen: Eine schönere Stadt. Also: gehen sie daran und verbieten internationalen Handelsketten ihre Kaufkäfige in Fußgängerzonen zu pflanzen? Nein, sie wollen den Stadtpark von Obdachlosen säubern...75 von denen haben begonnen, sich mit einer Zeltstadt zu wehren, auch gegen Zwangsasyl und -arbeit. Ein (englischer, mit kurzer deutscher Zusammenfassung) Bericht "Urgent report about Nishinari park tent community" von "Rebel Jill" vom 14.Juni 2005.

Saluton from osaka, japanese islands. by the way, I report this msg about crisis of 75 homeless residents living in Nishinari park. recently, osaka city authorities planed to build some underground constructions on some parts of Nishinari park. however, city authorities(park officers) try to plan to evict the homeless comrades living in all parts of this park.

they say "we will provide you to be able to get welfare or something more better living. so, you must receive our offers." however, city authorities have always taken many lies and have always done many betrayal for 5 years all over the city!

for whose "more better living" are they? their shelters(like a jail) and self-helping centers have led many homeless comrades to more worse living for past 5 years. many ex-homeless comrades have been forced to cut their limited welfares, and have been forced to throw out their room. then, they live in the streets/parks now.

city authorities do not care but threat the ex-homeless people! they always threaten the ex-homeless people, and shout "work! work! you should get some job!".(we are not sheep!) there are only some temporary jobs for the age of 35-55. if the people will get a job, city authorities will try to cut their welfares... 2-3 month later, most of those people will cause to lose their precious incomes. and then, they will lose their rooms again. however, city authorities do not care them, and also will insist "those people did not do their best. so, we have no responsibility for their lazy doing." kidding are everywhere of this city.

A report from Nishinari park. Support our struggle now!

on years end of 2004, after selfish abolition of the Nishinari Emergency Shelter (like a jail), osaka city authorities(especially park officers) have tried to begin to sweep away the 75 homeless comrades. on 10 June 2005, they tried to call 75 homeless comrades to participate their explanation-meeting on 14 June 2005 by their papers.

on the morning, many homeless comrades and some activists complained about the selfish doing of park officers against the 75 homeless comrades living in Nishinari park. and also, we asked them to go back to their office. however, park officers and their boss named ABE rejected our voices, and exclaimed "today, we come here to inform the 75 residents about our explanation meeting for the plan to carry out the constructions." again and again like a parrot. for over 2 hours, we and officers like the parrots became violent arguments. they said like that: "this construction plan do not concern other people.","we would love to explain the plan of construction on this area.","about welfares, on 14 June, we will explain the details to the people that will participate to the explanation-meeting, so, i must not explain it at all.", "we must hurry up to carry out the plans of construction!" no kidding! park officers rejected sincerely dialog to 75 residents. also today! on after noon, we decided to bring the protest words to the park office(this park office is a small branch of Tennouji-doushokubutu-kouen-park office.).

in front of park office, we tried to hand over the protest words to city authorities, officers strongly rejected to receive it:"we need not receive your protest words. there are no reasons. we do not think that you are the person that we must talk with." after about 2 hours, they selfishly went back to their small office. ...officers left behind a protest words ON THE GROUND. even Boss of Abe did not try to pick it up at all!! for a while, officers came to the park with their informations for their explanation meeting. when they set a few information papers on the fences, we complained their evil actions. and we defeated them. An officer did the performance that he stumbled and which fell down. this foxy officer tried to entrap us as an suspect of injury.

anyway, on 14 June 2005, we will smash their explanation-meeting as making an excuse. also in osaka, effort of dialog is important. however, unfortunately, in most of cases, dialog to the city authorities is in vain. for, they reject any opposite side voices for them. look the osaka city's website, they do not show their e-mail address. officers are strongly afraid of complaints, and would love to wipe any complaints/voices out!

yes, there is no democracy process for the people in osaka city. fake democracy is fascism. Comrades, we really ask you to send protest mails(show a sample on below) or ask you to organize a protest action to the branches of osaka city(please show below) or concerning to osaka city (Sharp, Sumitomo, Panasonic...etc). thanx. Vi venkos. Ni venkos! NO PASARAN!! la batalo continuos. in solidarity & in struggle.(rebel_JILL)


those are the facts of city authorities' "merciful politics"/"hospitality of osaka city". because aims of city authorities and their subjects are...just sweeping homeless comrades away from public spaces FOR THEIR SELFISH EVENTS.(WORKS NOT CIRCUSES!) these "merciful politics" are Indulgence for their evils. on the contrary, city officers have illegally gotten incredible wage from public money for many years! YA BASTA! also in osaka, there are no human rights for homeless comrades. on 14 June 2005, city authorities(park officers) will plan to hold an explanation meeting for underground construction. disguised wolves will plan to fox 75 homeless comrades to evict. if we all will receive their explanation meeting tomorrow, city authorities will be willing to defeat our tent communities, then, they will destroy the lives of 75 homeless comrades. further, the terrible influence will be spread to all tent villages/homeless communities on the public spaces in osaka...and other cities in japanese islands.

WE, homeless comrades living in Nishinari park, other areas homeless comrades and homeless liberation activists/soldiers in osaka, will fight against the tyranny & its law. also this struggle will be hard one. shamelessly, big dull trade union (the RENGOU),"Buraku-Kaihou-Doumei" and Scum of NPOs support this "beautification" on the Nishinari park. so, urgently we would love to ask your solidarity.

Deutsche Zusammenfassung

Die Auseinandersetzung um den Nishinari-Park haben Ende 2004 begonnen, als die Parkverwaltung im Auftrag der Stadt das bis dahin im Park befindliche Obdachlosenasyl schloss. Seitdem leben 75 Obdachlose in einer kleinen Zeltstadt im Park, da sie sich weigerten, die Betonbunker, die ihnen als Ersatz-Wohnheime angeboten worden waren, zu beziehen. Im Zuge der "Verschönerung des Parks" sollen nun Bauarbeiten stattfinden, weswegen die Zeltstadt weg soll - am 14.Juni 2005 fand eine entsprechende "Informationsveranstaltung" für die betroffenen statt, bei der die Proteste der Anwesenden weggewischt wurden.

Daraufhin beschlossen die 75 einhellig, Widerstand zu leisten - wegen sich selbst, aber auch, weil dieser gesamte Vorgang eine Bedeutung für viele Zeltstädte von Obdachlosen sowohl in Osaka als auch in ganz Japan hat.

Auf welcher Seite in dieser Auseinandersetzung die Gewerkschaften stehen - einmal darf geraten werden...


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