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Updated: 18.12.2012 15:51
Aktuelle Meldungen im neuen LabourNet Germany

Aktueller Bericht aus Patras

Der folgende (englische) Bericht einer Aktivistin aus Athen erreichte die Redaktion des LabourNet Germany per Mail am 04.02.2008

As probably some of you know, according to the police on 30 of January they would destroy the self organised camp of refugees in Patra, a greek port from where they want to get away to Italy .

On Tuesday 29th in Patra a huge demonstration took place where I can say without doubt that the vast majority of refugees who live in Patra participated. It was amazing that we were in the camp the previous day and in an assembly we organised there, a little before the demonstration, we told them who we are, what we think is going to happen and asked them to come and said that -up to a point- we can guarantee that they won't be arrested. The truth is we expected sth like 50 people and we were really amazed when we left the camp with more than 400 people whom, till we reach the centre of the city, were at least 700. In the centre lots of greek people joined the demonstration and in total we were about 2000 people. It was the most amazing demonstration I have been to for a very long time.

After that and at the same time with some other more institutional actions (question in the parliament ect.) and also mails that arrived from all over europe the next day no police arrived in the camp. Instead doctors from the state arrived to offer medical help. It was one of the most successful actions in a city where, three months ago, none talked for the refugees and the only voices where against them.

Of course the next days are going to be crucial, it is really important to continue the email campaign and we will keep struggling until the situation is solved. There is a question that probably some people could share with us and help us, as in the political level, we are in a difficult position on what to ask for these people. It is difficult to have an organised open camp there as it is a point of exit and it is against all european policies on migration, at the same time it is impossible, though wanted, to ask asylum for everyone. If you have faced similar situations you can help us in constructing a list of requests for the subject.

We will send something more detailed the next days...

antiracist centre athen

Here are some pictures from the assembly and the demonstration externer Link

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