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Updated: 18.12.2012 15:51
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Streik der Zementarbeiter

Seit Dienstag befinden sich die Arbeiter der Tura-Zementwerke im Streik. Die grundlegende Forderung besteht in der Erfüllung früherer Vereinbarungen, die das neue französische Management nicht zur Kentniss nimmt. Ein französischer Manager hat Arbeiter, die bei ihm vorsprachen mit Fußstritten traktiert - das bedeutete das Ende der Geduld. Der (englische) Bericht "TURA CEMENT WORKERS STRIKE-IN TODAY" vom 24.Mai 2005 des Center for Trade Union and Workers Services (CTUWS).


The Tura Cement workers have lunched a strike-in today morning, calling for their wages to be increased and protesting against bad treatment that reached its summit last two days.

The Tura Cement factories which has been sold recently with Suez Cement factories to a French Cement Group had been the setting of previous strike-in last December. The main objectives of that movement were to increase workers’ wages, and requite them with their colleagues in Suez Cement factories. The workers then had brought their strike to an end after negotiations as the owner and the governmental parts had made a promise to secure their rights.

In stead of executing that deal , the workers’ demands have been used as a reason to rise-in Cement prices while the wages obtained by the workers still immutable.

As five months have passed without acceding to workers’ demands which had been confirmed last December, Tura Cement workers have gone back to demand with their rights Instead of negotiations, the administration of the new French owner have resorted to escalate the crises by adopting aggressive measures. The French manager Mr. Michael has made little of the workers, refusing to listen or negotiate with them saying that the wages haven’t to be increased and “ those who don’t accept should go out” ..The administration’s rude actions have come to serious levels when one of the French managers kicked one of the workers [Mohamed Sabra].In accordance, the workers anger have come to maximum levels.

The workers had no other way but to strengthen their movement, resuming to their strike-in.

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