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Updated: 18.12.2012 15:51
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[A EGYPTIAN-SPANISH COMPANY FOR ASPESTOS PRODUCS] Due to occupational exposure to prohibited and harmful asbestos, workers are facing death in Ora-Egypt Company. Death out of cancer and death out of starvation.

The Ora-Egypt Company for asbestos products which has been undertaking its activities for asbestos products in 10th of f Ramadan city since 1983 has used to neglect the necessary safety measures and standards. The 90 workers in this company are exposing to asbestos out of exposure limits of other exposure criteria, and as a result, 46 of them have gotten cancer.

In spite of the ILO convention on asbestos [the convention 162 that adopted in its 72 session-4/6/1986], the Egyptian workers can’t get their rights in the regard of safety in use of asbestos.

Although the Egyptian authorities has drawn up a ministerial decree in 1998 preventing asbestos’ importing, a step back has been taken after two months& a half in response to the business world and employers’ pressure. The Minster of Interior Commerce (who had issued the first decree) has issued anew one [no. 97/1999] to permit importing asbestos and derogation from prohibition tell they can re-adjust their situation. On the other hand the Ora-Egypt company and its owner " Ahmed Lukma” could managed to go round the closure decree had been issued by the Minister of Manpower no. 85/2002. Although this decree had determined seven condition to the workplace of the company to comply with the main safety procedures, the owner could get through it without adopting pursuant to the decree’s conditions except executing one-part of one condition.

As the Ora-Egypt company has struggled hardly for long time demanding the occupational safety and health services, Recently the Minster’s decree has been executed since last January, and the company has been closed till the owners guarantees the necessary safety measures and standards. Now, the workers of Ora-Egypt Company are facing now different dangers. "Ahmed Lukma” the owner of the Ora-Egypt Company has decided not to pay their salaries since last April.
What is more dangerous is that the Health Insurance Institution refused to recognized their cancer as an occupational disease, and in accordance they haven’t rights to social insurance, or even to have any kind of medications or compensation.

Then, Those workers’ rights have been violated twice, the first time when they haven been exposed to asbestos in the course of work out of all exposure limits and safety measures applied, and the second time when they have been deprived from their salaries and compensations without any protection or insurance.

It is murder crime committed in purpose towards those workers.

The Ora-Egypt workers have begun a strike-in many days ago. The local union committee (in the company) that leads the movement has declared the workers’ strike demands as:

1. To get wages and salaries for the months beginning from April 2004 till the end of this problem. 2. Not to re-open the factory unless the owner guarantees the necessary safety measures and standards. 3. To guarantee fair compensations and health insurance that covers the real costs of their medications. 4. Executing the ministerial decrees concerning with protecting workers in dangerous industries.

The Center for Trade Union and Workers Services asks for supporting the struggle of Ora-Egypt workers and their demands.

For that you can send to the Minster of Manpower, to response to the workers, demands.(Manpower Mainstay –Nasr City-Tel : ++2(0)2 4042910)

And to the Egyptian Trade Unions’ Federation ( ETUF) [Fax: ++2 (0) 2 5753427 / Tel: ++ 2 (0) 2 574 63 74 ; and to the General Union for Engineering, Metallic and Electrical Industries’ workers ( Fax : ++2 (0) 2 5782931 - to support the struggle and demands of the workers who are supposed to be members ( at least officially ) in this organization.

To Shura Council e-mail: saic12@idscl.gov.eg

To Parliament email : parliament@gov.eg

Center for Trade Union and Workers Services.

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