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Nahrungsmittelarbeiter streiken gegen Zulagenkürzung

Seit dem 24. Juni befinden sich die 500 ArbeiterInnen der Al Fayoum Sugar Beets Company im Streik. Hauptgrund - aus einem forderungskatalog mit 14 Punkten - ist die Rücknahme der Zulagenkürzungen. Die Erschwerniszulage soll von 30 auf 20 Prozent gekürzt werden, die Zulage für die Beschäftigten aus entfernten Bezirken gar von 40 auf 20 Prozent. Der (englische) Bericht "Al Fayoum Sugar Beets Company Workers Call for Their Rights in Fair Labour Relations" des CENTER FOR TRADE UNION & WORKERS SERVICES vom 1. Juli 2006.

Al Fayoum Sugar Beets Company Workers Call for Their Rights in Fair Labour Relations

On Saturday 24 June 2006, more than 500 workers of Al Fayoum Sugar Beets Company started to sit-in calling for their right in fair wages and labour relations.

During the past few days before their remonstration, the protesting workers submitted complaints to the President of the Arab Republic of Egypt, the Prime Minister and other officials in the line ministries. In their complaints the workers explained their issues and their demands which reached 14 demands. The most important of these demands were to obtain 30% of their wages as compensation for the nature of their work and an increment by 40% of the wages for workers employed from far governorates (other than Fayoum and Beni Suef). Such compensations were already applied before January 2001 when the Company issued its decision to decrease each of them to 20% of the basic wages. The workers also called for their right in the social allowance which they used to get until the Company decided to stop it under the pretext that it has sustained losses whereas the profits realized during the past season reached about Egyptian Pounds 192 million. The workers also called for their right to a hot meal or to have sufficient compensation thereof, and their right to convenient means of transportation, health and medical care. It is worthy noting, in this respect, that work accidents are so frequent in this company that some workers had amputated limbs.

The workers of Al Fayoum Sugar Beets Company tried all amicable means to negotiate with the Company management. They submitted their complaints to many of the official channels related with the issue. When they tried to form a trade union committee (plant union) to defend their abused rights and interests, the General Trade Union of Food Industries Workers did not pay any attention to their demands. It ignored them and neglected their attempt to practice their legitimate right to establish a trade union committee (plant union).

Time after time the Company workers' rights were denied. They decided on Saturday 24 June 2006 to protest at the premises of their company until their fare demands are realized. The Ministry of Manpower intervened and promised the workers to fins a solution for their problems on 13th July (the current month). The Ministry of Manpower asked the workers to stop their protest until a solution is reached on this date. The Company workers agreed to stop their protests in anticipation of the promised solution.

The Center for Trade Union and Workers Services (CTUWS) follow abreast the developments of the events at Al Fayoum Sugar Beets Company and announces its full solidarity with the Company workers in their fair demands. At the same time the CTUWS warns against the grave consequences of such a position where workers lack a trade union organization to defend their rights and interests at a time when the companies managements continue their assaults against the workers legitimate rights even though they were reduced to the bare minimum secured by labour laws. The CTUWS calls upon all the concerned bodies to intervene and express their solidarity with these workers and invites them to support them in defending their right to fair wages and labour relations.

You are requested to send your messages of solidarity with the workers of Al Fayoum Sugar Beets Company to the following:

The People's Assembly (the Parliament) Fax No. + 02 7942 435
The Egyptian Trade Union Federation Fax No. + 02 5753 427
The Cabinet of Ministers Fax No, + 02 7958 048

The Center for Trade Union and Workers Services (CTUWS)
Cairo, Saturday, 01/7/2006

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