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Updated: 18.12.2012 15:51
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"Bestrafung der Besitzer, Untersuchungskomission unter Einbeziehung der Gewerkschaften"

Das sind zwei der Forderungen, die die National Garment Workers Federation in bezug auf den sogenannten Unfall bei SPECTRUM SWEATER Industries Ltd in einem Brief an die "Workers Solidarity Alliance" bekannt macht. Die Zahl der Todesopfer soll inzwischen rund 100 erreicht haben. Die Gewerkschaft beklagt ebenfalls mehrere tote Mitglieder und plant Blockadeaktionen - etwa vor der Arbeitsinspektion. Der (englische) Brief der NGWF vom 22.April 2005.

National Garment Workers Federation - Dhaka, Bangladesh

To: Workers Solidarity Alliance, National Office

Dear Comrade Harris,

Greetings. Think, You are well informed about the recent Tragedy on which 76 garment workers dead body found but reality more. In that factory NGWF had 39 members and associate workers on which 5 dead and 12 injured.

From the begining we are very much involve and active.In the first stage we had 2 urgent things : one is hand over the dead body to their families, take care about the treatment of the injured members and workers. We did it and doing according to our capacity.

Second thing was spontaneous protest. In the meantime NGWF organized 2 press conferences alone and jointly. 3 central demonstrations in capital city Dhaka. 2 demontrations in Savar. 5 demonstrations in our arment industrial districts and areas.

Day before yesterday NGWF took decission to stronger this protest, bring the protest in whole country ( garment industrial areas ), make resisstance , unite the workers and other forces in support of this protest.

According to that decission, Today 22 April NGWF organized " Country-wide Protest And Condolence Day ". As a form of this program , NGWF organized Protest And Condolence Rally in Dhaka on which more than 500 workers participated. Participant carried RED and Black Flag - thats the sign of protest and sorry.Some of the leaft leaders and other trade union leaders also present to express their solidarity.

Out side Dhaka Same type of actions also organized in Chitagong, Savar, Narayangong and Gazipur - these are the main garment industrial areas outside Dhaka.

From today program NGWF declare Country-wide FUNERAL PRAYER DAY WITHOUT BODY on 25 th April. On that day another program will be declared.

According to NGWF decision : coming programs will be 1. Blocking the office of chief inspector of factories - its responsible to inspections the garment factories to look after all the things; 2. Blocking the ministry of Labour; 3. Blocking the ministry of Industries; 4. Blocking the BGMEA ( Bangladesh Garments Manufacturers and exporters Association ); 5. Memorandum/ Blocking the prime ministers office. After these maybe STRIKE.

All these actions will be step by step and will be declare one after another.

Now another 3 publications also very much needed. These are : 1. 50,000 poster with the picture of dead bodies - that will strike the mind of garment workers and peoples; 2. 100,000 leaflets same matter and cause; 3. 10,000 separate leaflets for the 6,000 garment workers of that 2 factories and local peoples - so that they can not disgide by the management fall statement and committment.

Our demands are :

1. Arrest of the owners.
2. Inquiry committee with the participation of trade unions.
3. Compensation Tk. 200,000 for each family of the dead.
4. Proper treatment for the injured.
5. Payment of outstanding payment of montly wage of March and April and overtime payment of February, March and April.
6. Job security with wages or compensations according to the Law for the whole workers.
7. Tripertite inspection committee to inspects the all garment factories to ensure the workers security and improvement of working conditions.

For the publications of the mentioned 3 things , to organize the all next actions we need urgent support.

Pls response quickly

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