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Update on the VWSA dismissed workers’ struggle 5/02/01

Today, when the greatly exaggerated mass disruption at VWSA failed to materialise it was clear that the public had been sent on a wild goose chase. Even the police commented that the workers were disciplined and clearly heeded their union. That the riot police and the army were called in shows their true role, to keep workers in chains irrespective of workers’ rights. Why did they not arrest the management for causing so much hardship and pain due to the mass dismissal? The office of OCGAWU, the union which the dismissed workers have now joined, was overwhelmed with calls from well wishers and members of the public and small business offering support. They all said that it was clear that they were misled and that the workers were highly disciplined. A number who came around to our offices remarked in amazement at the number of elderly VW workers patiently waiting for further steps in their case. The members of the public all said they would telephone VW on its toll free number 0800434737 in order to ask them to reconsider their stand.

The workers were very happy at the statement of the Director of the CCMA, Thandi Orleyn, that it was a well reasoned judgement for their reinstatement. The workers have a combined years of service of over 20 000 years and have a lot to offer to the economic upliftment in the region. Despite VW’s commitment to intervene to stop the sale of workers houses until the review was over, our office still continued to receive reports of imminent sale of workers’ houses. The union believes that strong grounds exist for a cross review against the company’s plan to review the reinstatement. We are confident that in the view of the company’s failure to accept a reasonable judgement, that on a re-examination of the case, there are strong grounds to strengthen the award for the workers to include backpay from the date of dismissal. Already VW has conceded that should they lose on review they will backpay workers to the 5th Feb 2001. Workers are concerned that they may suffer further irreparable harm in the meantime. Already 6 workers have died. The review by the company is trying to send a signal that circumstances may exist for workers to be dismissed without a hearing, ie if there is just procedural unfairness. This may lead to a flood of workers or strikers being dismissed merely on the suspicion that they had something wrong. This would throw us back to the heyday of apartheid. Since the mass dismissal last year, municipal income in the Uitenhage area dropped from R310 000 to R170 000, ie about 50%. As a responsible union we are prepared to come to the table and talk with the company about a mutually acceptable settlement. Is VW bold enough to do the same? Or do the local managers want to continue to try and hide the massive blunder that they made last year. The sooner the matter is resolved the better for all concerned.

In the meantime, further donations may be sent to our office as indicated below. Please insist on a receipt for your donation, for our record purposes.

Issued by
S Douse
Local secretary
1st Floor, NBS Building
Caledon Str
Ph/fax 041 9220309

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