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after the march on tuesday 9.5.2000 by the schoolchildren and women of uitenhage to the gates of vw and to the mayor, there was a sit-in at the local town council, where the women demanded a follow up of what the council had promised. on tuesday, the council via the deputy mayor indicated that the local council had now taken a new decision, that it to now support the reinstatement of the more than 1300 dismissed workers. today the women were demanding a letter to that effect as well as asking for a delegation from the mayor to go to the company.

we have received news that there is delegation of union leaders from Germany on their way to SA on the invitation of the vwsa bosses! they will meet numsa, the mayor and go on a plant tour. they have no plans of speaking to the dismissed workers nor the union they have now joined. on the other hand, there are vw workers from germany coming, on the invitation of ocgawu and the dismissed workers, to the arbitration of the case from 15-19 May, this will be open to the public and may be televised depending on the decision of the arbitrator.

the arbitration will be held at the town hall in uitenhage from 9-5pm each day.

the sitin ended today on the note that the mayor will set an appointment to meet the wives of the dismissed workers as well as write a letter supporting the reinstatement of the workers.

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