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1. The labour court outcome was received on 07 March 2001. The judge ruled that the arbitrator had no powers to reinstate the workers. He also ruled that the union must pay the cost. This is obviously a setback but it is a finding that we anticipated. The battle is not yet over. We have no option but to proceed to the Labour appeal court. We have to proceed and move towards maximum pressure on VW. A general meeting was held on 08 March 2001 to discuss the outcome of the case. The was well attended and the outcome was explained to the comrades. Workers were understandably upset but was united on the wayforward in going for the labour appeal court.

A major concern expressed by the workers were the lack of finances.

Cde Ketye also gave a report on the visit to Germany and it was well received. The workers expressed their thanks to the comrades in Germany for the solidarity extended so far.

2. According to our attorney the proceedings to the Labour appeal court would be fast tracked. An outcome could be expected by end April 2001.

3. The arbitration hearing for the organisational rights dispute will sit on 9 & 10 April 2001. You will be informed about it immediately when we have the outcome.

4. Mobilisation:

a. Protest action is planned for next week to the offices of the department of labour. The objective is to get the Unemployment benefits extended.

b. Ocgawu national executive will be meeting on 17&18 March to discuss future programmes of action.

c. A meeting is planned with the minister of housing. Dates are not yet confirmed.

5. Cde Ketye contacted the German Headoffice today but could not get hold of Mr Alkantera ( The person ressponsible of SA affairs) . He also tried Dr Piech and Dr Hartz but both of them were out of the country.

6. We received reports that at least three houses were confiscated by the banks for the past week.

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