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Abraham Agulhas


We regard our recent visit as a major success. This we could not have done without you. When we left South Africa for Germany, we had two basic objectives. One was to mobilise workers and the broader working class in Germany in support of the 1300 dismissed workers at Volkswagen South Africa. Secondly we had to mobilise for financial support for the court proceedings that the company forced us into after the CCMA ruled that the workers had to be reinstated. These objectives were met in some way, although a lot still has to be done.

We left Germany full of hope because a number of things happenned which we wish to share with you. The meetings throughout Germany were well organised and we were well received. We spoke to workers, union leadership and officials, political activist, students, womens organisations etc. Many of these comrades knew something about the struggle of the 1300 dismissed workers and wanted to know more. We witness the commitment of these comrades. We can see that the comrades were prepared to do something despite the difficulties that they themselves are confronted with. We left Germany with an embrio of a solidarity network, it is now up to you to make it work.

You informed us that our expectations are too high. You stated that it will be difficult to get things done if the headoffice of the union does not agree with it or the chairman of the works council do not agree with it. We understood your difficult situation. However this is not a good situation. What you are saying to us is that workers lost control over their union. This is a danger for the labour movement internationally. We faced the same situation in our country, but we fought against it. We cannot allow our unions to become transmitter belts of the bosses! The extent of our success must still be measured in the building of a new trade union movement that can truly and and honestly defend the interest of the workers. This objective is not to break the unity of the South African working class but to build unity in action to advance our interest as the oppressed and exploited.

You pledged your support to the dismissed workers and contributed financially. This effort is highly appreciated since we are up against a company with immense financial power.

We stated that the dismissals were unfair and that the workers had a just strugggle. They defended basic trade union principles. Their rights have been violated by the company. Often if the rights of the poor is violated, it is not an issue as longs as the captains of industry can load their pockets with profit. Justice in our society is only for the rich. For how long will we allow this to happen. This global attack on the working class must stop!

Workers of the world must UNITE! We have the power to change the world! Let us do it now!

Dank an alle UnterstützerInnen in Deutschland von Abraham Agulhas, Generalsekretär der südafrikanischen Gewerkschaft OCGAWU nach seiner Rückkehr von der Rundreise mit Informationsveranstaltungen (wir berichteten)

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