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Dear Fellows

The Metal Workers Union based at São José dos Campos, in São Paulo State, Brazil, is starting the struggle against the General Motors fusion with Fiat, in order to assure workers’ rights.

Keeping in path with our companions at OPPEL plant, in Germany, some actions have already been taken by the Union - promotion of temporarily work stoppages - in order to force GM to give us all the information concerning the fusion process, as well as, demanding the company to open negotiations to assure workers rights and the maintenance of general economic and social clauses established in our agreement.

We are also reacting against the GM decision (a real possibility) in subcontracting the plants’ melting sector. We are also promoting a meeting here in Brazil with all FIAT and GM’s workers union to be held on July, 13th , in order to take common actions.

We hope to have you by our side in the divulgation of this struggle and to force a way to bring FIAT and GM to negotiation table in order to keep workers rights and their jobs. Once more the international solidarity is a fundamental aspect in the workers’ global struggle. Please send us support and solidarity messages to . Attached to this message is also following some local newspapers considering the subject.


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