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April 25, 2002

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Informed that you're about to finish the voting of workers for the Strike, we would like to express our solidarity to your struggle.

Everytime the german workers have a successfull struggle it works like a lighthouse, an example to be followed by the brazilian workers.

Considering what happened in the last strike movements in Brasil (Nov/2000) and in South Africa (Aug/2001), when the company tryed to blackmail the workers and their unions by threatening to supply similar production from elsewhere in the world, as it's a globalized corporation, the workers' representatives at DaimlerChrysler Brasil decided to clearly declare to the company that we won't accept to be played against our german brothers and sisters and therefore we'll lead a solidarity strike of at least half an hour at the beggining of the morning shift on the 06th of May at plant Sao Bernardo (trucks and buses) and on the 07th at plant Juiz de Fora (C and A Class). Moreover, we're at your orders in case you need additional solidarity actions.

We wish you strenght and all the success! Your struggle is our struggle!

In solidarity,
Valter Sanches
Coordinator of the Works Council at DaimlerChrysler Brasil - plant Sao Bernardo
Brasilian representative at the International Automotive Working Group at DaimlerChrysler
Union of the Metallworkers of the ABC - CNM/CUT 

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