To all International Trade Union bodies and Trade Unions of NATO member states.

Dear Colleagues, Brothers and Sisters,

Belarusian Automobile & Farm Machinery Workers' Union on behalf of 190 thousand of its members calls upon You to take active steps to urge your governments to use all means at their disposal to stop military actions against Yugoslavia.

The air strikes bring sufferings and death to innocent people. Wars can only mean violence, pain and unhappiness. Ethnic and religious conflicts could never be resolved by force, particularly by military intervention. Further escalation and expansion of military actions, involvement of other countries in it may lead to a wide scale military conflict in the center of Europe, thus strengthening new totalitarian regimes and unleashing the Third World War.

Wars and military actions can be profitable only to the capital and dictators, while they are destructive for peoples' international solidarity and their struggle for human rights and deliver a hard blow on trade union movement, social programs and negatively affect peoples' living standards.

We call upon all independent trade unions to take urgent antimilitary actions in order to force governments and politicians to stop all military actions in Yugoslavia and try to find a peaceful solution to this conflict.

We say NO to wars, dictatorship and dictators! We say YES to peace, freedom, democracy and social justice!

Belarusian Automobile & Farm Machinery Workers' Union

Aleksandre Boukhvostov

Minsk April 7, 1999