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Protest letter

On December 30 South Korean authorities executed the deportation of Khademul Islam Bidduth and Jamal Ali. K.I. Bidduth (Bidu) is an active member of ETU-MB (Equality Trade Union – Migrants¡– Branch). Last year during EUT-MB¡–s first sit-in struggle - for the rights and protection of migrant workers in South Korea - on the area of Myeongdong, begun on April 7, he participated from the first until the last day – altogether 77 days. On September 2, last year, he together with Kabir Uddin was arrested and imprisoned in Hwaseong Detention Center. During this period they protested against the imprisonment by a 21-day hunger strike. After their release in November 21 immediately Bidu begun again the migrants union's activities in the migrant workers movement and in the ETU-MB.

Bidu was born on September 13, 1974 in Bangladesh. Bidu came to South Korea in 1996 and he was working in different hard jobs as other migrant workers. Jamal, 17 years old, was active in the migrant movement and a sympathizer of ETU-MB. Both, Bidu and Jamal participated in the rally and demonstration in October 26, organized by KCTU to protest against the repression against union¡–s activities. Short after the beginning of the demonstration large units of riot police attacked the demonstrators. In defending themselves and their comrades they were brutal arrested. One day later they were transferred to Hwaseong Detention Center and in October 28 to Yosu Migrant Detention Center in the South of the country. In the night to December 30 they were transferred again to Hwaseong Detention Center.
Since January 1 they are in imprisoned in the Dhaka International Airport detention center.

Bidu and Jamal are good activists in the union to improve the working and living conditions of migrant workers in S. Korea. It is true still Korean government do not treat migrants as human and had not tryed to protect their rights. The activities of Bidu and Jamal are just for to protect migrant workers against discrimination - they are no criminals! They are hundreds of migrant workers in S. Korea fighting for their rights. So, we are still in confuse why S. Korea government did such inhumanity forced deportation to two of our comrades? Still Bidu and Jamal had a case filed in National Human Rights Comission against police brutality during their arrest Oct 26. So, we demand to Bangladeshi Ministry of Justice as belows!

We want the immediate release of Bidu and Jamal!
Don't threat them anymore!
We demand the protection and welfare of our two comrades!

Korean Confederarion of Trade Unions/Equality Trade Union - Migrants' Branch
Seoul, 2004-01-02
Seoul City, Jung-gu, Jangchung-dong 2-ga132, Seryrong B/D
Phone: ++82-02-2285-6068 E-mail: migrant@jinbo.net

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