For immediate release September 14, 1999

CUPW to boycott mail bound for the Indonesian embassy

OTTAWA – Post office workers won’t deliver mail to the Indonesian embassy because Indonesia has failed to stop the massacres and deportation of East Timorese and co-operates during the interim period until peace keepers are in place.

"We have no doubt that the Indonesian government can turn the violence on and off at will," said CUPW President Dale Clark. "Our action, as well as the actions of other trade unions, are designed to pressure them to turn the tap off."

The Canadian Labour Congress asked its affiliated unions, including CUPW, to refuse to handle goods or services to or from Indonesia.

Clark called upon the Federal Government to follow the unions’ lead.

"Hours after US President Bill Clinton’s declared a military embargo and a freeze on IMF and World Bank loans Indonesia agreed to let peacekeepers in," Clark said. "Sanctions work. And Canada should use its economic leverage to protect the East Timorese in deportation camps as well as those still in East Timor."

CUPW members and people concerned about East Timor will gather at the Indonesian Embassy at 55 Parkdale Ave, starting at 8:30 am, Wednesday, September 15th.

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