World 5:32 AM GMT+8, Monday August 30

US proposes Latin military intervention in Colombia

LIMA, Aug 29 (AFP) - US anti-drug czar Barry McCaffrey has informally urged Latin leaders to organize a military intervention force to pacify Colombia, a Peruvian TV newscast reported Sunday. McCaffrey reportedly made the statements in off-the-record personal talks with the presidents of Brazil, Bolivia, Peru and Argentina, according to Frecuencia Latina - Channel 2. Frecuencia Latina -- a station that has close ties with the Peruvian military intelligence service, SIN -- reports that the multinational force would intervene in early 2000 acting on a request by Colombian President Andres Pastrana.

At every stop of his recent Latin tour McCaffrey publicly denied plans for any direct US intervention in Colombia. Top US State Department officials have also forcefully denied plans for a US military intervention in Colombia.

According to Frecuencia Latina the scenario would develop in the following manner:

In 1997 Frecuencia Latina aired several controversial reports of torture carried out by SIN members.

By mid-year Fujimori stripped Israeli-born station owner Baruch Ivcher of his nationality, and Fujimori supporters took over the station.