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Join the protests against the visit of the Colombian President Alvaro Uribe to Brussels and Strasbourg

Already for many years the Colombian Government is responsible for many cruelties againt the peasants, union leaders and indigenous people. The international 'Plan Colombia' ensures the help of the US and several other countries for the war against the Colombian people. All in name of the 'War on terrorism'. The truth is that the Colombian government accuses all it opposition of being part of the guerrilla group FARC although the social movement mainly want peace and an alternative for the neo-liberal policy and power of a small rich elite.

The fact is that he was invited by the group of European Socialist Parties to intervene in a central plenary of the European Parliament, and this proposal generated a big rejection from other groups. Uribe is finally coming in order to ask for EU support to the Plan Colombia. Officially, the main objectives of Uribe's visit are: look for political and financial support to his 'development' project and his programme of 'fight against terrorism', apart from trying to concrete the second round of the table of donors for Plan Colombia. Uribe will arrive in Brussels on 9th February. Afterwards he will be at the European Parliament the 10th and continue his journey to Rome and Berlin.

Come to Brussels on 9th February to attend two manifestations/demonstrations that are being organised in order to denounce Uribe's fascist politics and make a public rejection of his presence in the European Parliament.

If you are interested to come, please get in contact so we can plan something coordinated from The Netherlands. It would be also interesting to think of banners or any other action to do in Brussels. There is not much time left.

contact: maria@eyfa.org

Website: Notiocias Colombia

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