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We call for a great participation in Saint Denis

In the last few years, everywhere in Europe, migrants' struggles have asserted themselves as a central element in the Global Movement's action. The struggles of the sans papiers in France, of the agricultural workers in Spain, of the refugees in Germany, of the migrants in Italy against the Bossi-Fini immigration law, have been a basic trait of the European politics in the last two years.

European networks fighting against racism, against the fortress Europe built up by Schengen agreements, against migrant work exploitation, have met in a big meeting, during the first European Social Forum in Florence. On that occasion, many experiences have been confronted, difficulties estimated, links established.

Now, on the occasion of the Saint Denis European Social Forum, we call for a new meeting to build up a European network of migrant and antiracist associations to develop an agenda which includes a European action day against migrants detention centres that, everywhere in Europe and "thanks" to Union directives, represent one of the strongholds of the fortress Europe.

In order to place at the centre of the Global Movements agenda the opposition to the Europe of Schengen (as it was before to the Europe of Maastricht), we call for a great participation in Saint Denis.

Tavolo Migranti dei Social Forum Italiani
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