SAC Activist Murdered by Fascists

A long-time, union activist within the Swedish syndicalist union, Sveriges Arbetares Centralorganisation, SAC, was murdered by fascists this past Tuesday evening, October the 12th at circa 9pm.The activist, in his forties, was shot three times outside of his apartment in the Stockholm suburb of Sötra. One shot was directly through the head.

The syndicalist activist had recently played a crucial role inexposing a well-known fascist, Robert Vesterlund, at his workplace in southern Stockholm. The fascist had won the confidence of his workmates and had been elected as the local union steward. Upon being exposed however, the fascist was first removed from his union position and later left the union under pressure from central union authorities.

In subsequent newspaper articles Vesterlund was quoted as saying "It's time to get tough." Vesterlund has since then kept close tabs on the syndicalist in question, amongst other things ordering the syndicalist's passport photo (a public document according to Swedish laws).

Vesterlund was also involved, though never questioned by the police, in the car-bombing incident earlier this year in which an antifascist journalist and his eight-year-old son were badly injured. He has recently joined the notoriously violent Swedish nazi group, AriskaBroderskapet (Aryan Brotherhood). Vesterlund's fascist carrier beganin the youth organisation of the fascist parliamentary party Sverigedemokraterna (the Sweden Democrats).

The police arrested three fascists suspected in connection with the murder late in the evening of Thursday the 14th.The SAC will hold manifestations across Sweden against fascist violence and in memory of our fallen comrade on Saturday the 23rd of October. Similar manifestations are encouraged wherever people wish to show their solidarity.