From: Gordon Flett,

Castlegar Strikers Need Support

On the Calgary Herald strikers' website at , Karen Kerkhoff wrote that the 8 Castlegar Sun strikers are the forgotten picketers and that they would appreciate e-mails of support, etc. The e-mail address to send letters of support is . Information on their strike can be found at .

For information about their rally go to .

To send an e-mail of protest to the Castlegar Sun the address is

You should also e-mail or C.C. Sterling News Service at and the B.C Press Council at . Any help for this small group of people would be important as they are hanging in there fighting for our rights but, as Karen says, tend to be forgotten in the shadow of the much larger Calgary Herald strike.

Yours in Solidarity,
Gord Flett
CEP Local 2000
Vancouver, B.C., Canada

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