Thursday, February 10, 2000

The report today from the VWSA plant is that production was at the same level as yesterday and only 2 of the 5 platforms were running. Clearly there is a gap for negotiations , which have started through Gomomo. He will report back by tomorrow. The message from the VWSA management is that they are prepared to negotiate but the problem lies with the mother plant in Germany.

Yesterday, the house of one of the Numsa members[who is back at work at VW] was petrol-bombed. Neither party knows who is behind this. But in other parts of the country, the National Intelligence agency is reknown for planting bombs and such tactics to create divisions and suspicions.


Sunday, February 13, 2000

The struggle took another serious turn on Friday when Numsa expelled 6 of the 13
shopstewards from the union. This is very serious as it implies that Numsa
would not fight for their reinstatement, nor any worker who supports them.
In addition, the VW management started employing new workers from Friday [although they only came in for medical checkups. we are not sure if they are on contract or in permanent positions.]

The workers have a mass meeting today in Uitenhage at 1pm. They are trying build unity among all workers whether inside or outside.

There is an urgent need to get the Workers Committee at VW in Germany to get management to agree to negotiations about reinstatement of all the workers. VWSA management is saying that they are willing to talk but they have received instructions from their head office not to reinstate. Anything you can do to advance this objective of getting them to commence start talks  over reinstatement will be welcomed. Each day is crucial, as the day that the 'new' workers start will make it very difficult for reinstatement. Already the VW Brasil workers committee, see below, has come out in support of immediate negotiations and is willing to send their position to the VW management in Germany.


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