9. Feb 2000

Dear Cdes,
We have just received the following report from the factory:


1. Of the 5 platforms only 2 are running at the moment [one of them being the A4 export order] There is no production on the Combi, Golf and Polo lines. The company hopes to get some of these going by next week.

2. At the same time the company is outsourcing and preparing to shift admin staff onto the production lines.

3. The A4 export line is currently being run on 2 X 12 hour shifts and on other lines the workers are being compelled to work overtime. There is NO UNION activity inside the plant and Numsa has not challenged any of these illegal and unfair labour practices. Instead, Numsa today had a meeting with management and then met some of the 1300 workers - they carried over the management offer to take back half of the 1300. Numsa has put a condition, that they are prepared to negotiate for the workers but the workers  must first abandon the Uitenhage Crisis Committee. For the time being workers have rejected this. 

4. When other workers returned before the ultimatum on Thursday past, they were forced to sign new contracts that they will obey any instruction from management, on any lengthening of the working period or change of workplace. 

5. workers have been given 2 days to consider the proposal - clearly, if they can split the workers even further, then they will be able to isolate the militant fighters. Tomorrow morning [Wed 9.2.2000] NUmsa will have a meeting at 10am while they know that the crisis committee has a meeting set for 12 noon. 

6. We still need to agitate for the VW workers council to take place in Uitenhage. 

Thanks to all for the work done so far, it has really boosted the morale of the workers. The various workers committees need to be pressurised to make a public stand on the issue.

Yours in solidarity
Shaheed Mahomed
General Secretary
Workers International Vanguard League
1st Floor, Community House
41 Salt River rd
Salt River
South Africa
ph: [27] 21 4476777
e-mail: wivl@sn.apc.org


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