Declaration of solidarity from the Independent Trade-Unions from the Zastava-Carfactory in Kragujevac, Yugoslavia

(Translation to English as done by themselves, notes in () refer to the Serbo-Croatian text.)


To Our Colleagues Belonging VWSA Who Have Been Striking

We give an unreserved support and the most sincere statement of solidarity to all the workers VWSA who have been striking for achieving their demands. We criticize any form of workers repression or reprisal as well.

We especially condemn the alienation of unions federations leadership from the workers interests. We are sending word to them - those who forget everyday problems and difficulties of syndicalists and workers too, are completely hopeless to save their "union spirit" never again. ( will never and nowhere save their "union souls").

Our honourable colleagues, this support is arriving from a very distant address - the car factory "Zastava" in Kragujevac, the town of Yugoslavia. The members of our independent unions in the whole region have been putting up with a similar kind of repression for years. The repression is being carried out by the dictator's regime. Despite the fact we are living in Europe, a sort of union and political apartheid is still proceeding. It makes us stick together with you and your fight as well.

Although we and our economy too are isolated from global capitalflows and union integrations, we hope there is a day when (we) will fall (stand) in a line together with you to defend our (workers) rights in the whole world.

Till then we take your slogan " To insult one is an insult for all!" as ours.
We wish you luck in your generous attempts of the fight.

Kragujevac, Yugoslavia, March, 14th, 2000

For the Shumadia Federation of the independent unions
Prvoslav -Prle- Radosavljevic

The independent Union "Zastava Automobili"
Verojlub Dobrosavljevic, Pres.


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