22.2.2000 Urgent!!
From: VWSA dismissed and suspended workers

To: HR Consulting
fax: 041 9945437

and to:

The Office Bearers: National, Eastern Cape Regional, branch and Uitenhage local of Numsa
fax: 041 556661


Dear Sirs

re: Volkswagen of SA [Pty] Ltd: the 1300 + affected employees


We refer to the Notice dated 21 February 2000 issued by the company. We are concerned that the Notice has only reached one of us through a third party and not one of the affected workers. We do not know if the Notice is authentic nor are we aware of the Undertaking allegedly agreed between the Company and Numsa.

In addition and more importantly, the Notice has reached us so late as to not give us sufficient time to bring same to the attention of the affected workers.

Without prejudice, we request that the deadline imposed therein be extended for a period of time, not less than two days so that the Notice may be brought to the attention of the affected workers to permit them to respond appropriately.

May the alleged Undertaking between Numsa and the company also be furnished to us at fax no 041 9228691.


Yours faithfully
T Mtotoba on behalf of the 1300 + affected VWSA workers and the Uitenhage Crisis Committee


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