The VWSA strikers and the Uitenhage Crisis committee today resolved to continue the fight for the unconditional reinstatement of the 1300 dismissed and 300 suspended workers. They repeat their demand for the unconditional reinstatement of the 13 shopstewards into their positions. Their call for independent mediation to urgently resolve the dispute still stands.They await the VW workers in other countries to consider the urgent convening of an international workers council in Uitenhage, SA.

However, as no-one knows how long this fight is going to continue, they have now made an urgent call for funds to assist in communication, pamphlets, transport, etc. The details for where such funds should be sent to, will be made available shortly. Raising of funds should however start immediately.

please direct enquiries to

Mxolisi Ndandani
Chairperson Uitenhage Crisis Committee
ph 0826265298
fax: 0027-41 9228691
temporary e-mail: wivl@sn.apc.org


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