21.2.2000 Urgent!!
From: VWSA dismissed and suspended workers [as per mandate of the general meeting held on 20//2/2000 and previous meetings]
To: Numsa Regional Secretary

Dear Cdes

re: Negotiations with VWSA


The general meeting of dismissed and suspended VWSA workers resolved on Sunday 20.2.2000 to mandate us to send you the names of 5 workers who should be the worker delegation component of the negotiations.

We are prepared to do this with immediate effect and thus expect immediate implementation hereof.

This is despite you as officials, changing the goalposts by first stating that the 13 shopstewards should be the worker component and then stating that only 5 workers should be there as observors.

We record that our previous positions were that a broader delegation be part of the negotiating team. In order to accommodate you, we then changed this to the 13 91shopstewards92. After much due consideration, we have again decided to accommodate you by forwarding the of 5 workers to be the worker component of the negotiations. As workers they should have full speaking and other rights as a part of the negotiating team.

Our mandate to Numsa office is as follows:

Please note that we have taken the initiative to ask IMSSA to assist as we believe that all avenues should be explored to achieve our objectives of defending the workers.

The names of the worker component are :


Yours in the struggle
MW Mdushane for the dismissed and suspended workers



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