Agreement between NUMSA and VWSA


The parties strongly condemn the illegal strike action taken by VWSA employees over the issue of the suspension by NUMSA of the 13 NUMSA Shop Stewards.

1. The parties agree to the urgent need to establish long term labour stability at VWSA, so as to safeguard export contracts and thus protect jobs in the local auto industry.

2. Should NUMSA members continue to participate in illegal strike action over this issue, the National Union reserves its rights to take strong disciplinary action against these individuals.

3. Before they tender their services at the end of the strike, all employees will be required to sign an individual undertaking as follows:

"That both now and in the future, I will work normally in terms of my employment contract, which includes observing all collective agreements binding on me."

4. The Company has identified a number of employees who, during this process, were involved in serious misconduct or illegal actions and at the end of the strike, these employees will be suspended pending a fair disciplinary process. NUMSA reserves its rights to represent its members in these hearings. Should employees persist with this illegal strike action, Management will take further disciplinary action which will include dismissal.

5. NUMSA will, on an urgent basis, re-establish strong union struktures within the Uitenhage Plant. To this end, the Union will organise shop steward elections in terms of the Recognition Agreement within two weeks of the opening of the Plant. Over the next few weeks, until this process is finalised, a NUMSA Official will be located at the Uitenhage Plant in order to facilitate this process. VWSA and NUMSA will take all steps to strengthen the organisational capacity of the VWSA Shop Steward structures, this will include allocation of money and facilities for training.

Based on the undertakings given in this agreement, VWSA will open the Plant on Monday, 31st January 2000, in terms of a start-up plan which will be given to NUMSA today. This parties will do everything possible to communicate the contents of this agreement in order to facilitate an effective start to production.


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