Workers from Mercedes Benz Mannheim Mannheim 8.2.2000


Friends and comrades

We have heard about Your struggle, about the dismissals of 1 300 and the suspension of 130 other workers.

We are indignant at this inhuman decision from VWSA management. And also at the collaboration between NUMSA - Leadership and COSATO top and the management.

There may be and there are different positions about analysis and strategy how to defend the interests of the workers. So as we saw in the background history of the current erisis, the 13 elected Shop Stewards have done just that during all the years: to fight for better work -conditions in the factory and against an always more and more changing to the worse of these conditions.

We can not agree that the local and national NUMSA LEADERSHIP made impossible a real discussion with the elected shop stewards and the workers before signing agreements and resolved the problem on a bureaucratic way hand in hand with the management.

We thank You for Your struggle for a fighting unionism. We hope You will find a real independent mediator. We hope that all the comrades can go back into the factory in a short time.

Greetings in solidarity. Best wishes for You and your families.

Some workers and worksters
Shop Stewards in Mercedes Benz

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