Urgent update on VWSA strike! 16.2.2000


We have just received news that yesterday, there was an alliance meeting of ANC-SACP-Cosatu in Uitenhage. They carried a message from Gomomo that VWSA is now prepared to take back 1000 workers. It is not clear what their proposal is on the rest. Today there will be a mass meeting that will decide the way forward. What is clear is that all the international pressure together with the fact that there is little production taking place has combined to force a change in the company position. There is tremendous political pressure on the ANC as later in the year there is local government elections. Thus the govt, through this meeting has now come out in support of reinstatement of the workers.

It is important over the next day or 2 to maintain and advance the pressure for full reinstatement and then negotiation over the remaining issues. The pressure should be kept up on the VW works council in Germany and VWSA [through e-mails and faxes]

The VWSA should be pressured for full reinstatement and the VW works council should be pressured to put the pressure on VW management and they should be asked to send a strong delegation to SA to intervene urgently.

Keep up the good work
The international working class united will never be defeated!

Yours in solidarity


Shaheed Mahomed
General Secretary
Workers International Vanguard League
1st Floor, Community House
41 Salt River rd
Salt River
South Africa
ph: [27] 21 4476777
e-mail: wivl@sn.apc.org

Here is the account no for urgent solidarity funds directly controlled by

the VWSA workers:

ac no: 62014977732
branch code: 21-03-16
cheque ac
name of account: Uitenhage Crisis Committee
name of bank: First National bank
branch address, Uitenhage , Port Elizabeth, South Africa


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