Dear Friends and Comrades

  The situation has now become critical. Since Monday 31 January 2000, at least 50% of the workforce has still been on strike, the 340 original strikers are still on suspension. The Cosatu General Secretary Vavi was in Uitenhage to try and encourage workers to go back without securing the 13 and others from attack from the management, ie to break the strike. Today is critical as VW SA has given the workers an ultimatum until tomorrow morning [Thursday3.2.2000] to return otherwise face dismissal. We are in the process of getting more details. Later today we will send you this info. 

The 13 and the over 2000 supporters are demanding the removal of the Numsa leadership and the full reinstatement of the 13 with no victimisation. The company insists that it wants to discipline them, possibly to dismiss them.

The direct fax number for messages of support to the 13 VW shopstewards and the strikers is: 0027- 41 9228691

 a temporary e-mail address for messages of support is     [as soon as another one becomes available, this will be sent out]

Note that the preferred method of sending messages of support should be by fax as this gets directly to the strikers. Those who do not have ready access to fax may send them via e-mail and we will resend these from here to them.

 There is a mass meeting of the strikers and other VW workers on Sunday 6.2.2000 starting at 12noon SA time, so please ensure that as many messages of support are sent by this time!

 if you can fax messages of protest, please do so to

yours in solidarity

Shaheed Mahomed
General Secretary Workers International Vanguard League 
1st Floor, Community House 
41 Salt River rd, 
Salt River  7925 
South Africa 
ph/fax 0027- 21 4476777

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