FAX Date: 8th March.2000/RG

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Uitenhage Crisis Committee
Kwa-Nobuhle, Uitenhage
South Africa

fax: 0027-21-4476777

Dr. R. Guariguata
fax: 0049-0621-522135

tel.: e-mail: Bros-Spaehn@t-online.de

cc: Shaheed Mahomed
fax: 0027-41-9228691

ref.: VWSA strike

Dear Comrades and Friends!

I am writing this message of solidarity with your Uitenhage Strike on behalf of some friends who are active shop-stewards and work's council members of the IGBCE (Mining, Chemical and Energy Industrial Workers Union, Germany), and who have heard of and are following your strike with great sympathy.

We strongly support your struggle for the reinstatement of the 13 shop-stewards, as well as your fight for the right to choose and elect your own shop-floor representatives.

The collaboration of union leadership with management only serve to weaken and paralyse rank-and −file militancy and it's capacity for independent struggle. This is a world-wide problem facing the labour movement; therefore, the struggle for more internal union democracy, leadership accountability and rank-and-file participation in decision-making is extremely important for mobilising organised labour and for strengthening the working-class movement internationally.

Finally, we want to wish you success and the best wishes in your struggle! Please forward your reply to above mentioned e-mail and fax.


R. Guariguata W. Spaehn H. Kissel M. Bariť B. Wendland E. Matri