Preliminary Ford Vote Results

Fraud News
26 November 1999

Preliminary results of the voting on the company offer are as follows.

There are around 8 other votes still to come in.

These are in-plant consultative ballots and not postal ballots:

Workplace Accept Reject
Halewood Paint Trim and Assembly (PTA) 863 367
Body Shop 720 374
Transmission 717 95
Dagenham PTA 150 1,600*
Body Shop 117 1,409
other unidentified plants 190 16
  484 43
  68 56
  340 147
Total so far 3649 4107

* rough figures

Note: Ford coverage is from "Fraud News", the rank & file paper produced by Ford workers this week and distributed at the Dagenham gates on Wednesday. Copies are also circulating at other Ford plants around the country. "Fraud News" can be contacted by post c/o 244 Carey Gardens, London SW8 4HW