Mexico: courageous workers

Fraud News
24 November 1999

On 8 January 1990 Cleto Neto, leader of the unofficial strike committee at the Ford Chihuahua plant in Mexico was shot dead.The assassins in Fords security uniform opened fire on members of the strike committee coming out of a meeting inside the Ford plant. A number of the committee were injured, and Cleto was fatally wounded receiving nine shots to his body.

Ford denies that the security men were in their employ. But they came into the factory and left the factory without being detained. To this day no one has been arrested for Cleto’s murder and the assault on other strike leaders.

However, this year Ford was forced to pay an 18 per cent wage rise at the Chihuahua and Hermosillo plants when workers took strike action.

This militancy of Mexican Ford workers is courageous in a country where the price is so high for taking action against such a high powered employer as the Ford Motor Company.

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