USA: Visteon threat

Fraud News
24 November 1999

The threat of strike action by 100,000 Ford workers, forced the company at the eleventh hour to continue the Ford employment status of 23,500 workers in their 16 US Visteon plants.

New starts for the next three agreements (12 years) will be considered Ford employees until retirement. After that workers can be taken on at non-Ford conditions.

This temporary victory only applies in the US. Still under threat are 54,500 Ford workers in 52 Visteon plants around the world. Ford’s attempt to split its workforce is a major threat to all.

But the Ford European Works Council discussed this at their last meeting, and came to no clear conclusion. The delegate from Ford of Britain is the convenor of the Engine plant in Dagenham.

This issue needs to be faced up quickly, and the company taken on or all Fords workers will suffer.