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Datum: 11 Apr 2002 23:04:18 -0500

Gerry Gable

Stop Sharon now
Enough Is Enough - The Israeli Genocide of the Palestinian People Must Stop

an open letter by Gerry Gable, publisher Searchlight magazine

In recent weeks even the American public, shackled as it is by the chains of a slavishly pro-Zionist media, has woken up to the reality of the Israeli government's genocidal campaign against the Palestinian people. In Britain as in the United States, we Jews have been too afraid to speak out lest we too be smeared by the same powerful Zionist interests, but now we at Britain's leading Jewish anti-racist magazine have decided that enough is enough.

Searchlight magazine was founded in 1975 by the late Maurice Ludmer, a dedicated and lifelong Jewish anti-racist and anti-fascist. When he died in 1981, Maurice left Searchlight as his legacy not just to us Jews, not just to Britain, but to the world. Maurice, like the rest of us, was committed to a world free from hatred, racial bigotry and intolerance. That is why we have opposed tooth and claw any platform for the Nazis of the National Front and the BNP here in Britain. That is why like so many of our fellow Jews we have striven to encourage multi-racialism and assimilation. That is why we have never given up and never will give up.

And that is why it saddens us to see the good name of the Jewish people tainted and dragged through the mud by the butcher of Beirut and his gang of genocidal thugs in the Israeli government.

We deplore the suicide bombings, the terrible slaughter of both innocent Israeli citizens and the horrendous self-destruction of young Palestinian zealots. But much as we deplore, we understand. We understand why Jews have become hated in Palestine, and indeed in Israel itself.

We the undersigned call upon the Israeli government to withdraw immediately and unconditionally from the Occupied Territories, to refrain from the torture and murder of innocent Palestinian men, women and children, and to institute immediate negotiations with Chairman Arafat for a just and lasting peace for all the peoples of Israel and Palestine: Gentile and Jew.

Gerry Gable, publisher
Mrs Sonia Gable
Steve Silver, co-editor
Nick Lowles, co-editor
Michael Cohen, photographer

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