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The strike of sub-contracted workers of Turkish Post Office is enduring since 66 days

The Strike which had begun on October 17 with the participation from 153 workers of the Turkish Post Office's workers which are BIS' members, currently continues by 60 sub-contracted workers. These 60 workers who are stopped several times by the national police force, without turning over their claims, insist to continue their resistances in front of the center of postal and telecommunications authorities.

Several trade unions and organizations gives their supports to the workers strikers by visiting them and giving them the ocular assistances of which largest are provided by KESK (Confederation of unions of public laborers), Halkevleri (Headquarter of People), Mayis'ta Yasam Kooperatifi (Cooperative of life in May) and SDP (Party of the Socialist Democracy). In addition to news that appeared in the newspapers and reviews, the radios such as Özgür Radyo (Radio Free), Yön FM (Direction FM), Baris Radyo (Radio Peace), Yasam Radyo (Radio Life) which emits in Istanbul, frequently make announces of the strike.

On November 3, a festival was organized to obtain supports it to the strikers. 400 people took part in this festival of supports. On November 13, a demonstration was carried out in Sirkeci close to the Directorate-General of the Postal and Telecommunications Authorities, with the participation of the workers strikers and their families, workers of Ekolas who are adherent of Nakliyat -Is (Trade union of the workers of transportation-member of the DISK) and of the students of Istanbul University. 3000 charts that are published in order to provide supports it to the strike were sold and posted.

An out-series of the periodical of the BIS, Stake of Bread (Ekmek Davasi), which explains the fight of the sub-contracted workers of the Turkish Post Office, was published and distributed to 6000 people.

On December 7, subcontracting was questioned by a symposium carried out with the participation of the representatives of the various trade unions including the BIS. In result of the interventions presented during the symposium, one decided to plan a walk from Istanbul in Ankara with the participation of the workers of the Turkish Post Office, Ekolas and Sisecam.

The strikers of Turkish Post Office decided to create a co-operative for obtaining an income that is necessary for their survivals. The TTB (Turkish Union of the doctors) agreed a priori to make distribute their envelopes to this co-operative · December the 10 and 11, the workers of Turkish Post Office took part in the demonstrations of KESK under the signed banner BIS & Enerji-Yapiyol-SEN (Trade union of the energy and electricity workers - autonomous trade-union).

On December 18, a festival of support with the workers of Turkish Post Office and Ekolas will take place with Gebze-Izmit.

A documentary of strike entitled "Stake of bread" which was filmed by Studio of 11th Thesis will be launched in the week of December 22. On December 26, the students of the Bosphorus University will organize a festival in order to support with the workers strikers of Turkish Post Office.

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