The Lakas Manggagawang Nagkakaisa sa Honda˘Independent (United Strength of Workers in Honda), is currently protesting the illegal suspension slapped on 300 Honda workers last October 21.

The 6-day suspension arose from the participation of 300 workers in the countrywide mass action last 13 October 1999, to press the clamor for the KMU-spearheaded campaign P125 across the board nationwide wage increase.

Honda management alleges that the workers violated Rule D.9 of the Company Rules and Regulations which states: "Leaving work assignment and/or Company premises during working hours without prior permission from superiors," and slapped them a 6-day suspension.

Days before the said mass action, the union filed a request to the management to change the production schedule on the said date from 6:00 a.m. to 2 p.m. However, the management refused to grant the request on grounds that "production priorities would be affected, and the entire Company, including all associates, would suffer as well."

Aware however of the greater need to express their solidarity and unity in the common fight of their working brothers, some 300 workers went out of their job and joined the mobilization.

The union said that contrary to the management's claim that the union acted "in utter disregard for the Company's welfare, and in gross violation of our Code of Conduct," they have been very understanding of the Company. "The request letter we made as part of our advance notice explains the good and honest intention of the union and shows our respect and concern to the management and the company. But instead of understanding us, they continued to be callous in their decision, just thinking of their profit. We have no intention of abandoning our jobs, but it is they who pushed us to do so," said union president Benjamin Villeno.

Since then, the union has been holding membership meetings during break times and protest actions inside the company to protest this illegal suspension.

The union is also demanding the resignation of their company physician due to inefficiency, which has been issuing false diagnosis to sick workers who visit the clinic. A worker attested that symptoms of Hepatitis A, which later turned out to be positive, were dismissed as nothing. Another worker said his infectious diarrhea is diagnosed as just gas pains. In another case, a worker went to the clinic complaining about a pain in his eyes. The company physician, after examining it, said nothing is wrong. Worried, the worker insisted to have a check-up in another hospital where it was discovered that a small piece of steel is inside his eyes. These are just some of the cases.

However, despite of these valid testimonies, the management is turning deaf ears to the complaints of the workers.

Honda Cars Philippines, Inc. was established in 1991, although production started in 1992. It presently has 1,060 workers, 700 of which are union members. Average daily wage of the workers in the company is P300.
Honda Philippines produces vehicles and is located in Laguna Technopark, Sta. Rosa, Laguna. A Japanese firm, its mother company is Honda Motors Japan, which holds 60% of its stocks. Other stockholders are Mitsubishi Corporation (35%), Ayala Corp. (4%) and RCBC (1%).

Please send solidarity messages to:

NLMH - Independent
c/o KMU International Dept.
37A Quintos Compound
Tomas Morato St.
Barangay Kristong Hari, Q.C.
telefax: (632) 7256781
e-mail address:

Letters of protest can be sent to:

President & General Manager
Honda Cars Philippines, Inc.
105 Southmain Ave.,
Laguna Technopark, Sta. Rosa, Laguna
e-mail address: or

Please furnish the KMU a copy of your protest letters

Thank you very much.